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There is a little bit of gardener in all of us. This book shows how to indulge that tendency with a little bit of garden.  Vegetables, herbs, fruits or flowers, if it is edible and suited to a container, it's covered.

This mysterious novel reads as if you are leaning on the counter in Tilo's spice shop listening to her recall the entire story.

The cover says "from the familiar to the exotic--recipes from around the world" but this is far more than a cookbook. Fabulous photography and easily digested nuggets of history make it a book that will be enjoyed away from the kitchen as well.

Here's one that's full of our favorite recipes because we wrote the book! It is also full of information, helpful hints and ideas for using herbs and spices in your kitchen.


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If you think the American food scene is changing quickly, read this exciting accelerated version of just how fast it has gone from decidedly Francophile to passions that encompass the globe.

What do you get when you mix a crazy caterer with small town crime? Why the Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery Series, of course. The latest installment takes us to a reassembled English castle during a Colorado winter.

These days we have nanotechnology and robots performing surgery yet, on the other end of the spectrum, some scientists are devoting themselves to something far more basic: the herbs and spices that have been around as long as we have. Healing Spices bundles up all that information and hands it to us in an easy to read, and understand, book.

Here is a cookbook you will enjoying reading once or twice for a new take on eating a good breakfast but you will reach for it again and again to prepare the recipes.

What a find! Readers, cooks and gardeners will want to dig into this first book of a series of herb gardening mysteries.

The Herbfarm Cookbook is more than a simple collection of recipes from a famous restaurant.  In reality it is a primer on the subject of cooking with fresh herbs. Flip through a few pages of the 200-plus recipes and you will be dashing into the kitchen, herbs in hand.

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