Make the most of culinary herbs and spices.

This pocket-sized treasure is packed with information that is as helpful at the market as it is in the kitchen.

Go home with the Herbfarm's award-winning chef as he shows you how to prepare these simple yet utterly delightful recipes.

Healthy cooking at its finest, and tastiest.

Much different than the typical Junior League collection, this award-winning book from the Houston club covers far more than rosemary.

 History, photographs and recipes; this volume has it all and it's all about the olive.

McVicar's loyal following as well as the critics love this beautiful book. Although written for gardeners, culinary enthusiasts will also find it helpful.

 Bishop's fan club grows larger as he inspires us to cook through 66 chapters chock full of garden goodness.

Solve your problems, settle your curiosity or just entertain yourself with this collection of over 6000 kitchen wisdom nuggets.

Check out all of the other titles too in this tiny bargain-priced series of yummy and quick herbal recipes.

 The old favorite from Rodale Press is redesigned and updated to be better than ever.

Herbal vinegars are some of the most versatile elixirs you can keep on hand or give as a gift. Here you will find inspiration, ideas and recipes for other delicious concoctions.

 A luscious book from the Herbfarm kitchen-nursery filled with unusual ideas for using fresh herbs. See's review of this book.

All you need to know about method and technique complete with recipes for salsas, chutneys and spreads.

Behold the power of sausage in this wonderful book about the life of early American emigrants. One of our favorites of all time!

 Learn to bake with instructions from the professionals. Mouthwatering photographs and detailed recipes make this book a gem.

This book gets rave reviews as an introduction to using essential oils for health, beauty and relaxation. Includes more than 90 formulas. There's a Kindle edition, too.


Give the Mediterranean diet a try with the help of this well-organized and informative 2007 Beard Award Nominee.


At last, the answer to the age old question of what goes with what. Thousands of ingredients are listed and cross-referenced making this book part reference, part cookbook.

Fully illustrated and categorized by flavor this is indeed a reference book for any kitchen.

This site's readers love this book. Filled with glorious photographs, it will give you new ideas for a lovely flower garden that tastes good too.

 As much a reference as a cookbook, you will find new uses for your old favorites while livening up the dinner table.

Here's the latest from chile aficionado Dave DeWitt complete with information for a spicy garden. It covers 100 chiles and offers 85 recipes to put them work.

Use flowering herbs to punch up landscape design. This guide covers 700 plants from 80 families.

The Sweet Herb is hot! This tiny tome shows you how to grow the pretty little plant called stevia and then what to do with it once you have a harvest.

 This collection of recipes gathered from herb farmers and herb shop owners provides the inspiration to try something fresh and new.

 The spice race is on and a major battlefield is Run Island. Don't miss the action in this fun account of history.

Books We Like

 The spice trade contributed in a big way to the exploration of the world. Find out how these local ingredients made their way around the globe.

This site's readers loved the first edition of this book. Comprehensive information about all your favorite seasonings.

 Does garlic really repel vampires and cure the hiccups? Find answers to these questions and way more than you ever thought possible about the stinking rose.

 Here are the answers to all of your questions arranged season by season. Fully illustrated, this growing guide covers 64 different herbs.

 Learn herb gardening from the ground up, literally, with the help of a knowledgeable teacher and gardener.

 Meet China Bayles, full-time herb shop owner and part-time sleuth. Fun reading that is herbally educating too.

See's review of this book.

You don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy the 700-plus pages of easy to prepare recipes in this fresh cookbook. This is the 10th anniversary edition.

Tea is an herb too, and can make a delicious addition to a wide variety of foods. Here are 100 recipes to get you started.

Not a cookbook but an illustrated guide to ninety fresh and dried chile peppers from a man who knows how to use them.

Start with coriander, cumin, mustard, cayenne pepper, and turmeric, work a little magic and finish with more than fifty different, delicious Indian dishes.

Straight from the experts with a bonus chapter of stunning photos and information about the National Herb Garden in Washington, D.C.

 This companion book to the hot-selling Barbecue! Bible adds flavor to the basic grilling methods.

 No need for a special diet to enjoy these tasty recipes from around the world. Organized by regions, you can cook your way around the globe with ingredients from the local supermarket.

 A collection of over 100 recipes for making your own spice combinations gathered from spice shops and herb farms all over America.

Learn to cook with lavender year around. From soup to desserts, this collection of 120 recipes will surprise and delight you.

These darlings of the blogosphere take on classic desserts in their own quirky style.

Any professional chef will tell you, this may be the most valuable tool in your kitchen.

Illustrations abound in this comprehensive and informative companion for the gardener and the cook.

Rosalind Creasy knows all about using food plants to round out your yard. She pioneered the idea 25 years ago. This updated edition includes 300 inspiring photographs.

Plant it, grow it, eat it: this book shows you how! An old favorite recently updated for the way we cook today.

Here's one that's full of our favorite recipes because we wrote the book! It is also full of information, helpful hints and ideas for using herbs and spices in your kitchen.

 Cook up some sunshine anytime of the year with a book that's as fun to read as it is to eat from. Alligator anyone?

 A handy and highly-recommended  reference for growing herbs, vegetables and edible flowers on your deck or patio. See's  review of this book.

 This is no cookbook but a serious look at spice history, cultivation and use.

 Authentic yet modern Middle Eastern cooking at your fingertips and arranged in alphabetical order at that.

Madhur Jaffrey, everybody's favorite Indian chef, shows us how to prepare authentic foods fast.

Don't miss the latest from Louisiana's favorite son. Part history tour part cookbook, but it is all authentic to this Cajun and Creole crossroads.

 There's more to salt than just the shaker, it is a life force. Follow along as it shapes the world.

An exotic novel that's so much fun! The unpredictable, likable mistress will keep you turning pages until the end when you'll wish for more. See's review of this book.

South of the border classics in less than 30 minutes? We can count on Rick Bayless to give us a roadmap to good food, fast.

 Let Mexican food guru, Rick Bayless, take your salsas beyond chips and appetizers. His recipes get you cooking.


 The latest culinary mystery featuring Goldy as she whips up more tasty treats while chasing criminals in her neighborhood.  See's review of this book.

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