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Cooking with

 Herbs and Spices

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Compound Butters Rescue Plain Foods


Jazz up ordinary meals with colorful, buttery combinations. The possibilities are endless but you might start with the recipe for Lemon-Dill Butter found here.

Seeded Dinner Rolls


Fresh bread is always a welcome addition to a homey meal but sometimes you want an even more special touch. Dinner rolls are an elegant answer.

Elegant Appetizer Steals the Show


Serve your guests Individual Eggplant Parmesans and you may not even need to make dinner. It's easy and you will love it as much as they will.

Season in Layers


Take the richness of herbs and spices to new depths by adding them to a recipe gradually.

Sofrito Fiesta


 Once you have experimented with your first batch of sofrito, you will notice the savory and sensational combination of flavors slipping more and more into your cook's repertoire. Let our recipe for Red Sofrito serve as a launching point for your own variation.

Celebrate Breakfast with Herbs and Spices


 You dream of a relaxing weekend brunch but don't want to wake up early to bake pastries and struggle with delicate eggs. Before you dash out to the diner consider this delicious menu that will only make it look as if you spent hours in the kitchen.

Tahini in Your Kitchen


Whether you consider it exotic or not, tahini is an ingredient you really should have on hand.  The toasty sesame taste will enhance your cooking from salad to dessert. Just be careful…it's somewhat addictive!  Try the recipe for Sesame Seed Ice Cream to see for yourself.

Marinades: A Way to Create Your Own Signature Dishes


A survey of this site revealed 78% of respondents choose marinades when preparing food for the grill. Don't just stop at grilling, though. Marinades enhance roasted meats, baked or broiled fish and vegetables prepared every way. Look here for a bit of creative inspiration along with do's and don't's for marinating your favorite foods.

Endless Pesto Possibilities


Presto Pesto! It’s easy to make and more versatile than you can imagine. Have you tried it with pork? Or as an addition to your bread-baking? Read all about it and then whip up a batch right now.

A Pinch of Saffron: Herbal Tapas


Tapas, one of today's hottest culinary trends, are as much fun to make as they are to eat. Here, we add a pinch of herbs and a dash a spice to eight great recipes that will be the hit of your next party.

Herbal Happy Hour


Relax! The spring cleaning can wait. Park yourself in a lawn chair and follow our plan for indulging in an herbal happy hour. You are going to need snacks, though, so try one of these cheese recipes before you get too comfortable.

Tea Time


June is Iced Tea Month so we bring back this article from last summer. The dog days of summer cry out for a cooling glass of iced tea. Brew some now, the easy way and read about tasty ways to improve on perfection.

An Herbal Potluck


Few things make entertaining easier than a potluck dinner. Everyone brings their favorite dish and you have an instant party.  Add a theme and it is all the more fun. Take this Summer Solstice Herbal Dinner, for example.  A good time was had by all. Not to mention we had enough leftovers for everyone to take home lunch for the next day.

Saffron Takes Rice from Plain to Exquisite


White rice is nice but yellow saffron rice is stunning. Next time you are going to serve rice as a side dish why not make it special with this recipe for carrot and pea studded Saffron Rice Pilaf?

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