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Basic Guidelines for Seasoning with Herbs and Spices

by Sandra Bowens

Here's one that's full of our favorite recipes because we wrote the book! It is also full of information, helpful hints and ideas for using herbs and spices in your kitchen.

The most frequent request to this website's mailbox is for guidelines about what herbs and spices go best with what foods. Finally, the basics are here at your fingertips.


There are no rules to seasoning but the following list may introduce you to the common uses for herbs and spices you are not familiar with. Some seasonings are much stronger than others so try starting with small amounts, then taste and add more if desired.


Be sure to check out each "All About…" story on the Articles List for more detailed information about particular seasonings


Allspice: hearty meats, fruit desserts


Basil: tomatoes, pesto, salads


Bay Leaves: soups and stews, grilled meats


Caraway Seeds: breads, cabbage, carrots, potatoes


Celery Seeds: tomatoes, salads


Chives: salads, vegetables, potatoes, eggs


Cinnamon: baked goods, fruits, beverages


Cloves: baked goods, hearty meats


Coriander: Mexican dishes, soups


Cumin: Mexican dishes, meats, cheese, beans


Dill Weed and Seed: vegetables, salads and dressings, eggs


Fennel: sausage, fish


Ginger: baked goods, Asian dishes, vegetables


Marjoram: meats, Italian dishes, vegetables


Mint: beverages, meats, desserts


Mustard: fish, eggs, cheese, meats, sauces


Nutmeg: baked goods, spinach, dairy products


Oregano: Italian dishes, meats, tomatoes


Paprika: Spanish dishes, potatoes, meats


Parsley: salads, soups, meats, fish


Pepper: meats, soups and stews, nearly everything


Poppy Seeds: baked goods, noodles, salad dressings


Rosemary: chicken, potatoes


Saffron: rice, seafood


Sage: poultry, pork, stuffings


Savory: beans, cheese, eggs


Sesame Seeds: baked goods, Asian dishes, cheese


Tarragon: chicken, salads, seafood


Thyme: meats, soups and stews, vegetables


Vanilla: baked goods, beverages



 This is no cookbook but a serious look at spice history, cultivation and use.

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