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Savory is the Herb of the Year for 2015. All about Savory explains what is so delightful about both the winter and the summer variety. Plus it has a delicious recipe!

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Egg and Tuna Roll-Ups


Find yourself with some extra hard cooked eggs lately? These tasty wrap sandwiches are one of our favorites and we are betting they will soon become one of yours.



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"If you are afraid of butter, use cream."


~Julia Child



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Q: Please advise me. My bay tree is several years old. Every winter I bring it inside. This winter it dropped more leaves than usual, but grows some  new branch too. The new leaves are big and very thin, not hard like the others. I use Miracle grow fertilizer every second week. What should be the problem? Thanks for your help. LA


A: I suspect the new growth leaves will toughen up with time. You might want to back off using the fertilizer. Herbs don't really need a lot and frequent fertilization will often result in less tasty harvests.



Q: Hi, I was wondering why my mint has yellow flowers on it. My parents have never seen this before. Thank you. JB


A: Every reference I have says mint flowers are purple, pink or white. Perhaps your plant is not actually mint, but a member of the mint family. The Lamaiaceae family is quite large and can be identified by their square stems.


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Q: What is the difference between spices and herbs. At age almost 60, I am learning to cook. YEA!! MT

A: Congratulations! Cooking is a rewarding endeavor. Generally speaking, spices are fruits or seeds, or in the case of cinnamon--bark, of plants while herbs are leaves. Please see our "Articles" list for information on individual herbs and spices to learn more.

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