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Where Can I Find? QandA

I have a recipe that calls for 'season all', I have never heard of it. Does anyone know if it is available in Canada, mainly in Edmonton Alberta?

Thanks TC

Season All is a seasoned salt from the Morton Salt Company. I went to their website and found this handy "Where to Buy" store locator. When I tried entering a Canadian zip code, I came up with a store in the US. Maybe you can find one closer than that with your own zip code. You can also order the product online.


I live near Pasadena, California in the 91107 area code and I can’t for the life of me replace this wonderful jar of Colman’s of Norwich Classic Mint Sauce that I purchased locally 2-3 yrs ago. I’ve checked & called likely stores that would carry this British grown mint, can’t locate a website containing info to contact for locations where this product is sold. The 250ml jar says produced in Great Britain by Colman’s of Norwich for Unilever UK. Would so appreciate any ideas I have overlooked, being a grandma my computer skills aren’t what I need, to explore & locate another nearby grocery store. I thank you in advance for any suggestions to finding this wonderful mint sauce locally. GG

I couldn't find a store in your area but I did notice it is available on Here's a link: Colman's Classic Mint Sauce 250 ml


Where can I purchase Lawry’s Chicken and Poultry Rub in the 21215 area? Thanks ACL

Looks like Sam's Club carries the "Perfect Blend" seasoning. You can also order it from Amazon.


Where can I buy McCormick Hot Shot in local supermarkets in Massachusetts? JA

If you can't find this product among the other spices at the supermarket, you might ask them to order it for you. I notice that Walmart is selling it online so they may also carry it on the shelves.


I have been looking for oils for baking such as raspberry, lemon, strawberry etc. Most commonly used in flavoring hard candy. I have a recipe for Blue Moon Ice Cream and can’t find the raspberry and lemon oil. Thank you for your help. TL

I found both of these items by doing a search of Amazon's gourmet food department. Here's a link: Lorann Oils Raspberry 1 Ounce  If you don't want to order through Amazon, you can click through directly to the company but you probably won't get free shipping.


Where can I find horseradish root in the Johannesburg area? Who are the suppliers? Where can I get a horseradish plant? Many thanks, EM

I did a Google search for plant nurseries in Johannesburg and came up with quite a few. I would sit down with the list and start making phone calls to see if they have a horseradish plant. You might also ask around within your gardening friends. If they have a plant, I'm sure they would be willing to dig up a bit of root for you to plant. They grow quite easily that way.


LC writes: I've been reading about your search for a source of spices from the Blue Ribbon Co. (see below) For what it's worth, I have information that may help find them. I have a jar of Blue Ribbon Summer Savory herbs in my pantry that is labeled: "Imported by Specialty Brands, Division of Burns Philip Food Ltd., Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 6L9" "Blue Ribbon is a registered trademark of Thomas J. Lipton used under license"


Hi, Who carries File spice in Vero Beach, Florida? CR

Have you looked for it at the supermarket? I should think you would find it there since you are in the south. The brand I've seen most often comes in a tall, thin jar.


Where can I find "Cajun Chef" products in Fort Lauderdale? I am looking specifically for their spicy pickled green beans. CB

I'm not sure of a location near you, but I did find the beans on the Cajun Grocer website. I've ordered from them in the past and think they do a good job.

Here's one that's full of our favorite recipes because we wrote the book! It is also full of information, helpful hints and ideas for using herbs and spices in your kitchen.

Does anyone know where to find saffron for tea in Rhode Island? EE

Spice shops and well-stocked supermarkets should have saffron with the other spices. It is a very expensive. Some retailers may keep it in a safe or behind the counter so it would behoove you to ask.


Where can I find Colman's original English mustard? I am in Springfield, Missouri. Dillons, Harter House, or our local Akins Natural foods didn't have it. help! or what can I substitute for it? I am making Beef Wellington, and want to try with the ingredients it calls for. Thanks BP

You can certainly find it online at and other places. While many people consider Colman's to be the best, I'm sure other English-style mustards would be acceptable as a substitute. English mustards are distinctive in that they are made of a combination of white and brown mustard seeds.


I love Morton's chili blend, but I am having real problems finding it online to order. Where can I find this? MAC

Hmmm, I thought I found it a couple of times but everyone seems to be out of stock. lists it for sale but currently unavailable. They do have a sign-up sheet so they can alert you when it does come in.


I was recently at the west coast and had delicious pickles that I would like to make....I need oil of cinnamon and oil of cloves but in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada no one seems to carry the products....Any suggestions as to where I could purchase these oils, or are there any substitutes available?...Thanking you in advance. DT

Have you checked the health food and/or craft stores? I looked at the Canadian version of and both are available there as well.


Do you know where I could find Alum Powder in Gauteng, South Africa? I want to use it to grow crystals for a science project. Thank you, JX

You could check with your local pharmacy as alum is sometimes used to treat shaving nics. You may find alum in the spice aisle or among the canning supplies of a supermarket as some folks still use it for pickles.

Hello, I am looking for a seasoning which I bought before but cannot find now. The brand says... "Minnesota Pork Seasoning", it is a red color mixture in a bag. Any ideas ??? DJ

 I'm afraid I can't help so I turn it out to the world. Anybody know about this one?


A couple of years ago Spice Islands came out with a Ground Habanero Chile product. It was rather expensive ($16+ of 1.5 ounces, as I recall), but being a "hothead" I had to try it. I really liked it, but haven't seen it anywhere since that one time. So, is anyone -else- marketing pure ground habanero chile, and if so, where can I buy it? Dr H

I plugged ground habanero into a search engine and came up with a couple of options for purchasing it online through Amazon. Many companies had it listed as a product not currently available. Pendery's, where I like to get all of my chiles, also has it for far less than you paid before.


Where in the Denver area can I find annatto? TL

Google tells me you have several locations of the Savory Spice Shop chain in the metro area. I've been to the one in Boulder and it is a wonderful place to spend some time.


A friend of mine from Canada e-mailed me 2 recipes which include the use of Hye's seasoning salt. I live in California, U.S.A. and I just wanted to know where I can get it or if there is a substitute for it. Thanks. - J

The folks over at Canadian have it in stock and say they will ship anywhere in the world, however, the cost is high. I'm not sure what makes Hye's so special, but you might be able to substitute Lawry's Seasoning Salt with good results.


Where I can find Aji Panca and Aji Amarillo chiles/powders in the Bay Area (preferably Oakland or Berkeley, CA)? Thanks! PR

These Peruvian chiles seem to be rather elusive at the bricks and mortar shops, but you can order them online from a variety of sources.


Hi - I have a beautiful young exchange student from Colombia here and I want to make his favorite soup. It calls for Guasca, which I know is indigenous to Colombia. I have looked EVERYWHERE here in Minneapolis to no avail. Can you recommend a substitute or something similar, to at least get CLOSE to the flavor? Thanks. KA

We have talked about guasca before (see the What's This? Q&A). Since the plant is considered a weed in this country also, you might want to contact a local wild plant forager. It's a growing hobby these days so you could post to Craigslist or something similar. The USDA has good information on the plant for help in identifying it. Unfortunately, they don't say what it tastes like, and I've never had it, so I can't suggest an alternative.


Please where can I find pure Mexican vanilla in Newcastle or London? And does Madagascar vanilla taste better than Mexican? Thank You. TT

I'm not sure where you might find it in your area. You could check with high-end grocers or specialty food shops. They might be able to order it for you if they do not have it in stock. Some people are crazy about Mexican vanilla although you have to be careful that it is the real thing rather than a synthetic. Mexican vanillas are notorious for containing coumarin from tonka beans or other adulterants. Madagascar vanilla is considered to be the world's finest.


I have a recipe for a seafood gumbo which calls for a tbs. of sassafras. I am unable to find this spice anywhere I live. Where do I buy this ingredient? Thank you, CH

Have you looked for it in the spice aisle as "gumbo filé?" If you can't find it at your supermarket, you could always order it through


Hello, Where can I find Annatto Powder in Cape Town? Best regards, EE

Annatto, or achiote, is generally sold whole which looks a bit like reddish-orange gravel. It may be difficult to find it ground. You could try Atlas Trading Company, 94 Wale Street, Bo Kaap 021-423-4361.


What store can I find Morton's Chili Blend in? JH

I'm not sure which stores would sell it, we did find this popular chili powder through


Looking for McCormick Meat Marinade which I can no longer find. Also Schilling's Tuna Casserole Sauce Mix. Thanks. RD

I checked the McCormick website and the meat marinade is still available, but no luck with the tuna casserole mix. You might ask your grocery to stock the marinade mix if they have other McCormick products on the shelf.

Where can I find grains of paradise spices in Rhode Island? IR

Grains of paradise (also known as Melegueta pepper) is a spice that is just starting to catch on in this country, but you should be able to find it in most spice shops now. If you can't find it locally, most of the spice companies online are carrying it. We found it through


Hi there, I'm not sure that you can help me but I'm looking to try and find arugula for sale online. not the seeds but the leaf. I love having it in salads but the town that I live in GA, USA has nowhere that sells it and the nearest store that does stock it is 2 hours away. Any ideas? Thanks, LH

The only place I could find it was at   , but you have to order a four pound bag. That's a whole lot of arugula and it costs $10 per pound. Have you considered growing it yourself? We cover the basics of growing it in the article "All About Arugula."


I'm happy to inform you that "Orlando Vanilla" will be available in the US within the next month or less. The US division of Orlando Vanilla name is "Vera Cruz Vanilla." On their label it will also say Orlando Vanilla. Exact same vanilla, same company. They had to change the name for sale in the US because of some legal reason. I know that it will be on the shelves at Whole Foods in some of the San Jose, CA, and bay area stores really soon. For more information contact -

Thanks for the heads up. This Mexican vanilla seems to be quite popular with our readers. UPDATE: The company has informed this website that they now have their own website. Here's a link:  The Original Orlando.


I just wanted to let people know that Herbal House has a new address. This is where to buy ANGEL DIP, TEASONING, SPICE RIGHT, PEPPER UPPER AND PINK POPPY DIP. The new contact info is Herbal House, 74 Mt Airy Rd, Bernardsville NJ 07924 Tel (908)-953-0863. It seems a lot of people search for these seasonings and Herbal House has no website so they can be hard to find. PT

Thanks for this new information. You're right, people seem to really like these items and we're happy to help them find what they seek.


Might anyone know of a peanut pear salad recipe that was featured on a can of some Schilling spice in the 1940's? My 72 year old mom sure would like the recipe! DD

I pose your question to other cooks out there who may recall this recipe...


Can you please tell me where I might buy black poppy seeds for use in baking? I have a lovely recipe for poppyseed lemon cake but had to use caraway seeds instead as I couldn’t find poppy seeds anywhere. DG

I see you are writing from the UK so I can't recommend any particular physical places, but I did find it available online at the Spices of India website. World Spice Merchant, based in Seattle, Washington here in the US, also says they can do international shipping...for a price.


A&P always carried Master Choice Great Shakes Grilled Steak Seasoning. I can no longer find it nor anything with same ingredients. any suggestions on where I can get more? I tried several A&P's with no luck and Master choice brand is made just for them. Any way to purchase this online? KD

Have you tried McCormick's Montreal Steak Seasoning? A single source on the Internet says that the Master Choice product you seek is the generic version of the Montreal blend.


Where can I buy edible paper in Calgary Alberta Canada? JM

This isn't really my department but I was intrigued by how someone might use edible paper. Looks like Cakeworks on 26th Street would be a good place to start.


I am searching for Schilling Vegetable Seasoning Supreme product. It also says "Buttery Herb" on the front panel. Please help me find it! Thank you. CDC

These days it is called McCormick Vegetable Supreme. If they don't have it in the spice aisle at your supermarket, maybe they will order it for you.


Where can I buy the spice "Allspice" powder. Or tell me how to make my own out of other spices. Thank you. CB

You should be able to find allspice alongside all of the other herbs and spices at the supermarket. It's not a combination of spices. Read more about it at "All About Allspice."


Is there such a thing as paprika flakes (similar to crushed red pepper but mild)? If so, where might I find it? TK

It is fairly easy to find diced and dried red bell pepper at the supermarket or from spice companies that specialize in dried veggies, like Pendery's. If you wanted to make your own flakes that are more like the "pizza peppers," aka crushed red, you could buy whole chiles and crush them into flakes (wear gloves and don't inhale!). Make sure you get dried chiles that more mild than the 30,000 Heat Units in the typical crushed red. See the article "What's a Scoville Heat Unit?" if you are confused.

Do you know of any grocers or specialty stores that carry Lawry's beef stew seasoning in the St. Louis area? Thanks for any help you can provide. CT

I can't point you to any particular place. If you have checked all your major supermarkets and superstores and don't find it, you can order all of their products from the Lawry's website.


I am looking for the Schilling Salt 'n Spice mixture. Is it still available? PJM

Looks like McCormick recently discontinued this product but they do offer a recipe that will help you duplicate the flavors. Here is a link to the Salt 'n Spice Blend recipe.


Hi there, I live in Toronto and I love this sauce they make at subway sub I would love to make it myself. I am looking where they sell chipotle chili in adobo in Toronto, Canada. Anyone help me please I have looked in Food Basics, Metro(doniminion), Price Choppers. Can't seem to find it. HELP? LS

I did a Google search for Mexican grocery in Toronto and came up with many possibilities. You might try that to see which one is closest to your home.


Hi there, Please Help....... I live in JHB, South Africa and recently returned from Australia where I purchased a bottle of the McCormick's Season All Peppered spice. Do you know if it is available in South Africa and if so, where can I purchase it? Thank you! JB

Looks like there is a McCormick South Africa (Pty) Ltd. but it also looks like it may sell only to the food industry. You might want to contact them. Address: 317, 16th Road, Halfway House, Midrand, South Africa. Mailing Address: Private Bag X64, Halfway House 1685, Gauteng, South Africa. Telephone: +27-11-690 0300.


Where can I find McCormick Cajun Seasoning in the Minneapolis area? NLH

You should find it at any major supermarket. If it's not in stock and they carry other McCormick products, you could probably ask the manager to order it for you.


Can you buy seedless red pepper flakes? AW

The gang over at suggest looking for seedless pepper flakes in Turkish and Asian grocery stores. Who knew?!


Is there such a thing as Pinch of Herbs seasoning? My mom used it in meat loaf and said it was out of this world. But as the years have gone by, she cannot find it any more. Would really like to surprise her with this. MI

Apparently this is a blend from Lawry's that has been discontinued. You could really surprise your mum by making up a batch yourself. I found a copycat recipe at recipezaar.


I'm looking for a spice that my mother used to used in making chilli. We always called it chilli tepenis a little pepper like spice that you had to crush with your fingers, very carfully as they were very hot. In reading an article in Smithsonian I learn that maybe they are chilltepens. Mom would buy them in Safeway in a box under the name of McMormick. We lived in Washington State. I have looked in Safeways and other stores but have not been able to find them since the late 70's or early 80's. Thank you. sdm

Pendery's is my go-to source for all types of chiles. I checked their catalog and they have an item called "tepin pods." Sounds like the pepper you seek. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it on their website to provide you a link so you might want to call them. The number is 800-533-1870.


Where can I buy Schilling/McCormick Mexican Seasoning (Mild Flavor)? I'd even be happy if I could find some other brand that has a close taste or a 'Recipe' to make my own. Help!! JT

Forget about the Schilling part, it's all McCormick now. I'm not familiar with this seasoning. If it's like a chili powder blend, I can't help but if it is more of a taco seasoning, take a look at our recipe for "Taco Meat Filling."


Where can I find crabapples around the Waco TX area. I'm wanting to make crabapple jelly and cannot find any crabapples. Are they even native to this area? Thanks CG

Crabapples should grow well in your area. Perhaps you could put a notice on Craig's List or a little ad in your local newspaper's classified to find someone who has an overabundance.


What happened to Schilling Mexican Seasoning? It has seemed to have disappeared from all of my local supermarkets. How can I make taco meat now? Thanks, KB

I saw a Schilling Taco Seasoning mix today in the spice aisle of the supermarket. Perhaps they renamed it? You'll find a good from-scratch recipe for taco meat on the "At Home Mexican Resturant Page."


Where on line can I buy dried anise seeds for baking? PR

You'll find links to online spice shops that we like at the "Buying Dried Herbs and Spices Page."


Where can I buy herbes de provence in Rhode Island? F

You should be able to find this French herb blend alongside the rest of the spices at a well-stocked supermarket. Gourmet stores will often sell it in nifty little crocks.


Where can I find Schilling's Swedish Meatball Packets? JC

You will find it in the envelopes with the McCormick label. The company used to sell the same line under two different names, defined by the eastern and western US, but these days it is all McCormick.


Where can I purchase diastatic malt powder in Houston, TX? SL

You might find it locally at a homebrewer's supply or a wholesale bakery supply house but it would probably be easier to order it online. I get mine from the King Arthur Flour website.


Where can I find Goya products in the UK? FH

I couldn't come up with a specific source but I wonder if you have any Latin or Caribbean grocers nearby. If they don't carry Goya products perhaps they could order them for you.

Where can I find Schilling country gravy mix? HA

You should be able to find it at most any supermarket but it will be labeled McCormick now, rather than Schilling.


I live in California and my wife swears by the seasoning salt brand Teasoning. Where can I find it either in California or by mail? MG

Please see one of the above entries for the answer to this question.


Does anyone have the recipe from the anise extract box for “anise pillows”? I got it from the box approximately 29 years ago. Can you help? CS

I did a search for "anise pillow recipes" and came up with many versions. Perhaps if you browsed through a few of them you would find one that's familiar. Apparently these cookies are also called "Pfeffernusse."


I have tried to make my own candied ginger with disastrous results. Apparently you need very young ginger or some variety called stem ginger. Do you know where I can buy stem ginger, or fresh ginger that is very young, in the Toronto area? Many thanks, MP

Check in at your favorite Asian market. Stem ginger has tell-tale pink tips and a very thin skin. It also goes by many names like young ginger and spring ginger.


Where can I buy the roasted/dried/toasted garlic they put in the olive at Johnny Carino’s? Where can I buy whole pickled pears (they look kind of reddish)? Thanks so much!! Any help you can give me would be great!! WM

I found something that sounds similar to the garlic bits you describe at the Garlic Company's website. I didn't find a common source for the pickled pears but I did find many recipes to make your own when I searched on the subject.


I recently found a recipe for a "grunt" that calls for chai seasoning; the article says it's sold under the McCormick label. I've not been able to locate it. Any suggestions where to find it, or what spices equal chai? Thank you! KR

That sounds delicious! I didn't find a match when I search McCormick's site for "Chai spices." You might check Indian markets or well-stocked health food stores. Chai spices are like curry powder in that everyone likes to make it differently. I'm happy with a blend of cardamom, cinnamon, orange and nutmeg but you might also add ginger, cloves or even black pepper. See the proportions I use to make a pot of Spiced Coffee on the Pantry Basics Page.


Where can I purchase Paprika Paste in the Ft Lauderdale, Fl area? MB

You might look for it at a local shop that carries European products but I'm thinking you will need to order it online. I wish I had picked some up when I was in Hungary.


Where can I find liquid garlic in Houston, TX? TM

Have you looked at the major supermarkets? This should be a standard offering among the other dried herbs and spices. You might also find it at larger health food stores.


Lawry's Garlic Spread--Where can I find it or replicate it? JN

Looks like it has been discontinued. I never tried the product but it seems to me you could make a nice garlic bread spread on your own. Soften some butter and then stir in a bit of granulated garlic, maybe some salt and parsley. Spread it on the cut bread and wrap it all in foil to bake it soft or make it crispy by running it under the broiler. See the article "All About Flavored Salts" for more information on granulated garlic.


Hello, I noticed one of the questions on your site: Where can my wife by caraway seeds on the West Coast by the pound? If they would like to contact our toll free number, 800-735-7198, we at Market Spice sell practically every spice by the pound or by the ounce to retail customers. We are located in the Seattle area and have been in business for 97 years. JD, General Manager


Hi, looking for a store in Montreal that sells lime leaves? It is for a Thai chick pea recipe. Thanks a lot! RS

The only place I could come up with is T&T at the West Edmonton Mall. You might want to check in with your favorite Thai restaurant and see if they would sell you a few.


I am trying to buy Spike food seasoning which is usually sold in an Indian food store. Since new owners took over, I am unable to locate it. I live in Toronto, Ontario. CP

Here in the States you can find Spike at most supermarkets and health food stores. I found a board discussion on this topic at Chowhound: they say Loblaws, No Frills, Noah's and the Big Carrot all carry this seasoning blend.


Where in Scotland can I buy poppy seeds for baking? HF

The sale of poppy seeds has been banned in some countries (like Singapore and Dubai), but I'm not sure about Scotland. One source I found online suggested they were available at a chain of shops called Holland and Barretts.


Where can I find Schilling/McCormick traditional Bar-bq seasoning? I'm almost out and all of the stores in the Seattle area have either dropped the brand or it's been "new and improved"-HELP! GP

Barbecue Seasoning is on McCormick's list of 2006 discontinued products. Looks like you will have to try the new and improved version although some readers have been able to get recipes to make their own favorite but discontinued blends by contacting the company.


I am trying to find a chain store (or any store) in the Houston area that sells Spice Island Grilling Gourmet Spicy Chicken Seasoning. Do you know of any stores selling this product in the North Houston, Conroe area? JP

I can't tell you a specific store to find it in but I can point you to a website that has a phone number you can call. The page also has a link to a place where you can buy it online. Just click on this link: Spice Islands.

I'm looking for brandy extract. I'd especially to find it locally, in the San Diego area. Thanks. LK

I couldn't find a specific local source for you but McCormick does make one so maybe your grocery could special order it for you.


I am looking for Spice Islands Spaghetti Sauce Seasoning and Spice Islands Pizza Sauce Seasoning. If I cannot find the actual products, I would be interested in the recipes for both these seasonings. Thank you, CS

Apparently you aren't the only one who is disappointed that Spice Islands discontinued their sauce mix. Many sites have reprinted the recipe from the company, there is one at The Recipe Link. You might look further on that site and find the pizza sauce recipe. I always just mix some Italian herbs into tomato sauce for my pizza.


Looking for chili powder made by Maxine's out of I believe Texas. RF

I'm afraid I can't help so I put it out to other readers. Anyone?

A faithful reader alerts us to the fact that this product is actually called Mexine and is from Wild Bill Seasoning. I found it on on this page at


I have looked everywhere for Schilling Beef Stew Seasoning mix and cant find it in any major or small grocery store. Do you have any idea where I can purchase it? Can you buy it online anywhere? Thank you, N from MN

Schilling is McCormick all across the US now. I checked their website but didn't find a stew mix nor did I find it on their discontinued product list. They do have a new line of products out for slow cookers that includes a beef stew seasoning mix. Maybe this is your old favorite recycled into a new product.


My wife would like to buy caraway seeds by the pound...where on the west coast? HV

If you want to buy them online you will find several links for where to buy spices on our Buying Dried Herbs and Spices Page. Locally, you might check with health food stores or large grocers who sell spices in bulk.


Where to buy Creole season by Tony Chachere's? I live in Linden, New Jersey. F

If you can't find it at the supermarket alongside all the other spices, you can purchase it online from the company. It is available through



Hi, I was looking at your web site and was wondering if you knew where I could buy dried flower of fennel. I saw it on t.v and can't find this spice anywhere,.,.,,I called local spice shops and they don't even know what I'm talking about.... thanks for the help. C

You might have more success by referring to it as fennel pollen. Do a search at                        and you will come up with several options from California and Italy. The price is much better now than it used to be. I first learned of this magical ingredient from a cook in Italy who was harvesting it from her own yard. She used it to coat a pork shoulder before roasting it with pears and onions. Delicious!


I need to replicate or find a substitute for Lawry's Pinch of Herbs which has been discontinued. Can you help? CS

Looks like you aren't the only one wanting this recipe. I found a discussion of the subject on this epicurious message board.


Do you sell, or do you know where I can buy, toasted poppy seeds? JS

I don't think you can buy toasted poppy seeds but it's easy to do yourself. Simply shake them in a dry skillet over medium high heat for a few minutes.


Where can I buy raices de azafran or saffron roots in the Philadelphia area? They look like ginger but in a bright orange color. FB

You got me on this one. Never heard of the stuff. However, I did learn another name that might help you in your search: escobedia. I found mention of escobedia as a Latin American herb with a root that is sometimes pounded into a yellow powder.


Where can I buy Moho sauce? I live in Canada but am willing to have it from USA, if I can. RM

I wasn't aware of this tasty-sounding sauce until I Googled it to answer your question. I'm not sure where you can find it in Canada but I found dozens of recipes online to make your own. One note, although it is pronounced "moho," you will find many more recipes with the spelling mojo.


I need to know where to find file powder in Montreal. Not a substitute. Can somebody tell me that please? CH

It's true, there is no substitute. You might try: Olives et Épices, 7070 Henri-Julien, 271-0001, Jean-Talon Market (Little Italy).


Do you know where I can order Dill with the stems and head on it? I have called and looked in Mt Vernon, IL. and small towns near by no luck. Need it for pickles!!! Thank You, DL

Your best bet is to check the farmer's market. I see you have one on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Times Square Shopping Center. If you don't find it there, talk to the farmers and see if they know who has it.


I am looking for a store in Montreal, Quebéc that carries an assortment of Chef Paul Prudhomme's Cajun spices, specifically the blackened-fish spice, please. Thank you, JN

I can't point you to a particular store in your city but you can order the spices online from the Canadian company Shalit Foods.


Hello, I am looking for PULASKI Stone Ground Polish Style Mustard from Crlstadt, N.J. I went through your 100 + pages and didn't see it anywhere. I have searched the net and they cannot be found. Please help if possible. Thanks, RK

You stumped me on this one. I could find references on the web as to how yummy the mustard but no leads for purchasing. You might look for markets that specialize in European foods.

We are getting ready to prepare a Belizean dinner of chicken, rice and beans, and beans and rice. We need red ricardo to complete the recipe correctly and I'm having a terrible time being successful in my search. I would appreciate your help. Many thanks, PB

Please find links to the information you seek below. Look for the words: ball of red rocado.


I love Schilling's 15 Minute Meat Marinade, but am now unable to find it in any of the Markets. Has it been discontinued for some reason? ML

I found a McCormick Meat Marinade Mix (2 oz envelope for $1.95) when I searched "McCormick Marinade" at  The product information says "ready in just 15 minutes."


Where can I find Worcestershire sauce in a powdered form? RG

You can order it from Pendery's.


I have been unable to find any file powder at any of our stores. I am planning on making gumbo. Is there a spice I can use that would be similar to file powder? CC

When I lived in Louisiana I learned that file powder in gumbo is optional so you could probably get away without it. While there is no real substitute you might add some sliced okra to help thicken the stew while maintaining authenticity. I suppose you have seen "All About File Powder."


Hi--I am having trouble finding a place to buy the spice Beau monde. I live in New York City. Can you tell me a website or give me a phone number where I can find it? Thank you very much, AS

I found it available through  the Spice Islands website.


I am looking for a seasoning called "Goya" I'm not sure if that is the manufactures name or if the seasoning is called "Goya", but my mom uses it in ''RED RICE" and they used to have it at Rhode's IGA in my hometown, Millersburg Ohio. But they don't have it anymore. We can't find it anywhere! Can you please help us? PM

You will find Goya products as a featured item at our Mini-Mall available through


I live in Toronto and was trying to find seaweed for the seaweed salads commonly found in sushi restaurants. thanks MF

Have you checked your local upscale natural foods stores? The only time I have seen dried seaweed is at my local food co-op sold in the bulk food aisle.


Hello, I am looking for a place to purchase fresh herbs in Arlington, Texas. The freshest thing I can find in the grocery store around here is parsley, which is great, but it don’t quite cover all the herbs I need. Any suggestions would be great. TM

I Googled 'Arlington Texas fresh herbs' and came up with two rather quickly. One place is Heaven Sent Farm or contact Green's Produce at 3001 W. Arkansas Lane, 76016. Phone number 817-274-2435. You could probably find more by digging deeper into the search results.


Where can I find Nigella Sativa in Orange County, CA? SM

From the description I read at your Orange County Register online I'll bet if the folks at Laxmi Sweets and Spices don't have nigella, they will know where to get it. Laxmi is at 638 El Camino Real in Tustin, phone number 714-832-4671.


I am looking for a source of dry ground mustard from Zanzibar. We used to be able to purchase it - years ago, before (I was told) it was embargoed by the U.S. government due to a disagreement with the then government of Zanzibar. It was the best bar none. I have completed numerous searches via the internet and regional spice importers without success. BS

This is a new one to me. I Googled the subject a bit but didn't come up with anything. I'll turn it over to our readers and let you know if they can help. Spice fans?


Hello! I was forwarded your email from Unilever Canada, I am looking for the Blue Ribbon Pickling Spice, we have a 50-some year old family recipe and we haven't been able to make it because of the spice's non-existence. I realize that the Blue Ribbon company has been sold, and so there might not be any around, but I'm hoping there might be some around some where. Please see if you can help me out here :D  LS


I have an old BLUE RIBBON of mixed spices: adds flavour to meat, fish, poultry and vegetables. Notice that I do not want mixed for pastries. I have been looking for these meat mixed spices in many department stores in the Montreal vicinity and none of them have them in stock. Are they still being sold? If which stores. Or is there an equivalent that I can use? Thank you.

It's a shame this company is missing out on all the business by making their products so elusive. Like I said below, in a previous question, I thought I had found a lead but when I e-mailed Golden Bough Herbs, they said they don't carry Blue Ribbon Spices and couldn't help me find them.


I have been making plum puddings and Dark fruit cake for years and I can no longer find a spice called Mixed Spice. I have an empty bottle: Blue Ribbon Mixed Spice. Ingredients: Cinnamon, Allspice, sugar, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, anise, celery seed. It says it is imported by division of Burns Philip Food Ltd. In Etobicoke, Ontario, M9W 6L9 Can you help me find where I could find this spice. Thank you, PD

This information helped me get closer than I have before to the Blue Ribbon Spices Company. Knowing that it is a Canadian company led me to one of their suppliers: Golden Bough Herbs. As this goes to print I am unable to contact them but check back soon. I will continue to see if I can find this frequently requested brand of spices. (See results to my contact with them above.)


I would like to know where I can find mault extract or mault flour. We were in Myrtle Beach just recently and had mault flavored waffles. They were very good and now I am trying to fix them at home for breakfast. RD

Well, finding the answer to this question had me running in circles around the internet only to discover that I had two of the many possible answers in my own baking cabinet. The most likely answer popped up when I Googled "malted waffles." There is a pancake and waffle mix that is available wholesale and retail--probably what your restaurant used to prepare theirs. This search also led me to a homemade recipe that added malted milk powder. Malt extract is widely available for home beer brewers and I'm not clear on whether this would work for the flavor you desire. Another product is diastatic malt powder that aids yeast in bread baking but doesn't seem to add a flavor component. Do note that spelling it "malt" will help you a great deal in your search. Be sure to let us know when you come up with a wonderful recipe to share!


I live in Greece and want to know what and where I can find ALUM, do you know what it is called in the super market as I have never seen it? JU

Here in the States alum is labeled as "Granulated Alum Powder" and is hard to find. You might check for it at your local pharmacy as it is sometimes used as a shaving aide.


Hello, I stumbled across your website while surfing the web and it’s wonderful! I have a question. My grandmother used to bring me bags of ground winter savory when she would return from visits to Oregon many years ago. I don’t know if she purchased it that way or if it came from my aunt’s garden. She has since passed and I have a wonderful recipe of hers that calls for winter savory. I cannot find it anywhere. Do you know if it can be purchased ground? Can you recommend somewhere that sells it? Thank you. SG, Ardmore, OK

Dried savory generally doesn't specify if it is the winter or summer variety, for some reason. If you can't find it among the other spices at the supermarket check out our article Buying Dried Herbs and Spices for links to mail order sources that will most certainly have it available.


Hello! Would you please recommend stores or markets where to buy fresh herbs in Miami? Thanks, MPF

Miami is such a big place I would think most of your supermarkets probably have a good selection. However, the farmer's market is always a wonderful place to shop. I found this listing of Florida farmer's markets that might help.


Do you have any idea where we can find Culantro in the Houston area? We have watched "Daisy Cooks" on our local PBS station and have her cookbook, but have not been able to locate this herb! We really appreciate your help, and have already learned a lot from your webpage! DO

Thanks! Unless you have a Puerto Rican market in your area you are probably going to have to grow your own. There is a link to purchasing seeds below.


Can anyone tell me where to purchase Chipotle Chile in Adobo Sauce in Calgary, Alberta, Canada? Thank you, J

I found a listing for Boca Loca (Mexican Products), 1512 11 Street SW, tel: 802-4600 on the University of Calgary website.


Traveling in India, I ate some wonderful fish in Goa which was served with recardo sauce. On the internet I have come across red recardo and black recardo. Which should I be trying to make with fish and do you know a recipe? SH

From what I understand the two are similar with toasted tortillas added to make the recardo black. I'm sure either one would be nice for a sauce with fish although I don't have a recipe for one. I wonder if any readers out there have a recipe for fish with recardo sauce they would like to share?


When living in Walnut Creek CA my favorite spice was Schilling's Taco seasoning. Can I get it in the UK please? LB

Looks to me like Schilling might do business as McCormick in the UK so check your supermarket for taco seasoning under that brand.


Where can I find "smoked paprika" in San Diego County?

Assuming you have checked at your local major supermarkets (look for smoked paprika in small tin boxes), you can always order it from Penzey's or La Tienda.

I hope you can help me. For YEARS, I've used Spice Islands Salad Herbs in my macaroni salad.......a recipe passed down from my mother. Now, all of a sudden I can't find it any of our local stores ........ and I can't find it on any of the websites I've checked. There's a Spice e-mail address on the bottle that I still have, but no website is found that matches my request. The ingredients are basil, tarragon, cardamon, thyme, anise seed and natural flavors. Has Spice Island stopped making Salad Herbs, do you think? PTH

I contacted the company and it has been discontinued. You will find the Spice Islands website here. UPDATE: A recipe for this spice blend has been submitted to The Reader Recipe Exchange.


Where can I find Schilling's savor salt? Thanks in advance. M

Looks like it may have been discontinued. I checked their website for discontinued products but it wasn't listed.


Looking for a source to purchase Black Seed (nigella sativa) in San Francisco Bay Area. C

You're in luck. You have the San Francisco Herb Co. right in your back yard.


Where can I buy Goya discs in Oklahoma, preferably Ardmore, OK? LA

Given the number of Latin markets and restaurants, looks like your Capitol Hill Main Street district would be a good place to start.


We live in central New Jersey (Princeton-New Brunswick area). Where can we buy rabbit for cooking other than the very expensive online stores? J&J

This is pretty far off my regular topic but I would guess that the meat department of your local, large supermarket could order rabbit for you if they don't keep it in stock.


Where can I find Taco Casserole (schilling) tomato sauce, tortilla chips, seasoning mix and all you do is Add Ground Beef. Comes in a Fresno, Calif.? CB

I'm not aware of Schilling ever carrying complete meal mixes. You should be able to find envelopes of their taco seasoning mix on nearly every grocery shelf.


I used to find Whole Turmeric in several Asian stores and Mexican markets. I haven't been able to find it in years. I used whole turmeric in a family Bread and Butter Pickle recipe, because it didn't turn the brine syrup and the pickles bright yellow. I now use a cloth bag to prevent the turmeric color and just the flavor comes through. Is whole turmeric available? Thanks! KP

If you had asked me this question last week I would have said probably not but, oddly enough, just yesterday I saw a basket of fresh turmeric for sale. It was at an Asian market in Vancouver, Canada. I've never seen it in the States. Maybe it will show up again at your Asian markets or you could ask them to order it for you. I looked around on the internet and the closest I came were dried slices at Amazon's Gourmet Foods.


Where can I find annatto powder in the East Bay, California? AH

You should be able to find it at Latin markets and some well stocked supermarkets that have an ethnic aisle. Sometimes it will be labeled as "achiote."


I grew up in northeastern Pennsylvania in a town, Pittston, that had a large Italian population. They seemed to all be superb cooks. One of the most popular items they made was "Tomato Pie". This was not Pizza. There was no meat or cheese in it. It looked like a pizza pie but the topping was a mixture of only tomatoes and Italian spices. I have tried to find it on Google, and there are many recipes for it but none meet the criteria. A majority of them have cheese, meat, and mayonnaise in them. The latter really gets me. I noticed that there are many people looking for the recipe, and most define it as " as made in the northeastern part of PA". I would like to find this recipe? It would be a shame if it has died with those wonderful old Italian ladies as so many other recipes have which no one took the time to write down. GW, Arlington TX

I'm no Pennsylvanian Italian grandmother but maybe we have some out there who are reading this. Tomato Pie recipes anyone?


I am a bit confused about how to look this up, and would greatly appreciate your help. How can I find out when Nuts and Herbs are in season. Raw eating is part of my new lifestyle and I would like to be able to eat them as fresh as possible since it is such an experience when they are fresh. I would welcome any information you have for me. Thank you so very much.

One website that I enjoy very much is The World's Healthiest Foods. Each week they focus on a particular food that is in season but they also have a whole section on seasonal eating. Another way to enjoy the best of fresh food is to visit your local farmer's markets. I am lucky enough to live in an area where they publish a map to all the local farms that sell foods along with information about what is available when. You might check around and see if your community has such a service.


Where can I purchase Red Robin Seasoning in 16 oz jars. Our daughter in Arizona gave us a jar and we want more. We live in Southern Missouri. It is distributed by Red Robin International in Englewood, CO. Thank you, BB

I'll bet your spices are from the Red Robin restaurants. The chain is based in Colorado. You can find a list of Missouri locations listed at the Red Robin website.


Hi there, I live in Moorreesburg, Western, Cape South Africa and would like to know where I can obtain a small amount (100-250grams) of whole Juniper Berries. The purpose being for cooking game. Can you please help me? Thanks ever so much. Sincerely, VV

I wandered around the Internet a bit and came across this list of spice sellers that I think are in your area from If I'm off on your location, maybe this site will still help you find a seller. I just put "spices" into the business type search function.


Hi there I'm looking to find chipotle chiles in Adobe sauce. I live in Woodbridge and I can't seem to find it anywhere in the grocery stores can you help me find this I need it for a recipe. Thanks, T Woodbridge, Ontario

This is a common product at most major supermarkets in the US but apparently not in Ontario. Do you have Mexican/Latin markets up there? I checked the Canandian Gourmet Food section and they don't have it either. You could order it from the American


I live in New Jersey zip code 07065. Can you tell me where I could buy orange zest and other food flavoring products? Thank you. R

Penzey's Spices is a good source for orange zest and King Arthur's Baking Catalogue has a wide range of flavorings.


Hello: I am doing a Belizean dinner for my Gourmet Cooking class. The recipe I have for the stewed chicken calls for a "a ball of red rocado". I can't find it in the supermarkets or Wegman's. What is it? and is there a substitute I can use? I live in a small city with limited stores. Thanks ME

This topic has been tossed around quite a bit in the past. See the "Where Can I Find Q&A Page" for other questions and comments and the resulting Newsflash on the "Tips and Hints Page." You might also consider making your own sofrito. While it isn't exactly the same, from what I can tell, the ingredients are similar. Read more about it at "Sofrito Fiesta."


Hi, Can anyone advise me on where I may be able to find Adobo and Chipotle Sauce in the UK, do any supermarkets sell these? Many Thanks, KP

I open this one up to our other readers in the UK...


Please advise where I can buy Blue Ribbon Pastry spice or what would have been in it. Thanks. PN

I never have been able to learn anything about this Blue Ribbon Spices line although people often ask about it. It is hard to say what might have been in the pastry spice without some sort of a description--could have been cinnamon and other baking spices or maybe a butter-based flavoring.


I'm looking to buy pickle spices in NJ can't seem to find it. thank you.

Most supermarkets carry pickling spices but another place you might look are hardware stores that sell canning supplies. You could also order them from Penzey's or one of the other sources for spices listed on the Buying Dried Herbs and Spices Page.


Hi I am looking for different extracts caramel, apple and so on. Can you help?  I bake cookies and like changing ingredients. thanks F

If you like to bake you will want to know about the Baker's Catalogue. My latest catalog has an entire page devoted to vanillas and other flavors although they don't have caramel or apple, oddly enough.


Hello! I’ve just discovered your web site, and I’ve enjoyed reading your archives of Q & A. We returned on Christmas Eve from a week in Mexico, where, among other things, we enjoyed a traditional hot Christmas punch made of fruits and sugar cane. I’ve been able to find recipes for “ponche,” but I can’t find a source for two of the primary ingredients. Do you know where I can buy the Mexican fruit tejocotes? They are small, about the size of an apricot, but with a texture more like an apple, with a sweet and sour flavor. Also, where can I buy fresh unprocessed sugar cane? Thanks! Feliz Navidad, V

It's fun to travel and then try to replicate the food at home. I'm afraid I didn't have any more luck than you have at finding a source for tejocotes. Some of the recipes I looked at suggest using crabapples in their place. As for the sugar cane, I've seen that on occasion at the grocery store. You might ask at the produce section of your favorite supermarket if they could special order it for you. Many grocers are also stocking the little cones of "piloncillo," a type of sugar that could meet your needs.


I have a recipe for a herb blend for wild game and am have not been able to find one of the ingredients. I have not been able to find dried Lemon Balm in my area which is Norman, Oklahoma. The recipe also has many other dried ingredients: parsley, marjoram, rosemary, summer savory, juniper berries, minced garlic, thyme, sage, mint. Can you tell me where to find dried Lemon Balm in my area or a substitute? SB

Lemon balm is still a rather unusual herb to find dried but you could order it from Pendery's. However, with all those different herbs and spices in your recipe, I'll bet you would have good results by substituting lemon zest, fresh or dried, for the lemon balm.


I can't find this product anywhere: do they still make chocolate extract?  DK

You can purchase chocolate extract from the King Arthur Baker's Catalogue, one of my favorite sources for all things chocolate.


Hi there, I live in California, and I am looking for a store that carries Lime Pepper. Great for putting on fish etc. If you know of anywhere, I would greatly appreciate it. LG

You can order a lime-pepper blend from the Spicebarn. I've never ordered from them but I think they have a good reputation.


Where can I find caliapo? It's a Japanese herb. RB

I am just stumped on this one. RB and I corresponded a little and he/she says it is from a recipe in Women's World. Can anyone out there shed some light on this herb?


Where can I find dried vegetable flakes? They used to be available in the spice section of grocery stores, and I have several recipes which call for them. It was a blend of dried carrots, onion, green papers, and perhaps celery. Thank you. ss

You will find a tremendous variety of dried vegetables at Pendery's. They have a Garden Vegetable Mix that sounds different from the one you describe. You could order the ingredients individually and mix up a blend that is exactly to your liking.


I am looking for a substitute for alum. We need to make a salt clay dough and I don't have alum. What else can I use?

Sounds like a question for a chemist rather than a cook! I can, however, finally offer a source for alum: Pendery's now lists it in their catalog.


My husband and I are looking for the large tin of powdered Coleman's Mustard. We reside in Long Beach, New York. Can you help us locate a purveyor or a catalogue or website where we can obtain this item? Thank you. MJ

Coleman's Mustard is a brand usually stocked at supermarkets and gourmet shops but if you can't find it locally you can get it from's Gourmet Food Shop.


Where can I find a mustard without vinegar? DP

Since vinegar acts as a preservative as well as a flavoring agent, most commercial mustards will probably contain some form of vinegar. Just keep checking labels, especially at natural food stores, or try making your own. The book "Gourmet Mustards" by Helene Sawyer and Cheryl Long contains several recipes that do not include vinegar.


About 30 years ago I found a wonderful recipe which called for "leaf savory". I was able to purchase it . Ann Page spices had it. I still have the can. I have searched the world over it seems and no one seems to have ever heard of it. It is not summer savory and it is not winter savory. The can says LEAF SAVORY. It has the most wonderful flavor and neither of these above savory's come close to it. Has anyone ever heard of LEAF SAVORY? Thank you for your time.DL

I wonder why you are so certain that it was neither winter or summer savory? My first inclination when I hear the term "leaf savory" is that they are specifying the form to use. As in savory leaves rather than ground savory. All of my sources mention only the two, winter and summer, varieties saying they are basically interchangeable.


Hello! I am trying to find where to buy chimole in the San Francisco Bay Area, or get a recipe that I can use to make it. Thank you so much for your help!!! R

Oh boy, here we go into another Belizean food discussion! I hadn't heard of chimole before. Googling the word led me to plenty of differing ideas but most of them mentioned the black recardo. You will find one recipe for chicken stew at the interesting Toucan Trail website. For further reading about the foods of Belize, The Hotel Mopan Recipe Book is quite helpful. (NOTE: These two links have become inactive sites.) Be sure to see the entries below for more discussion about Belizean foods.


I, too, was in Belize not long ago and am trying to find Ricardo. It is a red paprika paste from what I gather from the natives but I have had a hard time understanding if the various forms of paprika pastes from Europe are similar.

Here is an entry from our More Tips page: Newsflash: The question about "red recardo" created a mailbox stir. The following information was submitted: "Red Recardo:- A paste, main ingredient being anato. Seasoned with ground garlic, black pepper, cominos, onion and vinegar. Packed into squared or balls. Used to season sauces for tamales and meats. Black Recardo:- A paste made from burned corn tortillas, onion, garlic, cominos, cloves, black pepper and vinegar. Used to flavour chimole and black relleno." (Source: Hotel Mopan Thanks CA!) I found sources to buy a similar product called "red recado." Find them at: The CMC Company and Mexican Grocer. Read more about achiote at "All About Annatto."


I live in Pittsburgh, PA and would love to know how and where to buy fresh basil, and some gardening tips too, can you help me....Thank you...May Your Heart Hold Smiles, and the angels keep you safe. K

Thanks for the blessing. You will find fresh basil plants at garden centers, nurseries, farmer's markets and even some supermarkets at this time of year. Check our list of articles for many links to stories about herb gardening like the Herb Gardener's Diary Series or The Simple Essential Herb Garden.


There used to be a "Pork Seasoning" that I believe Schilling made. It is fantastic for making country gravy or sausage gravy. Every search I've done pops up to chicken seasoning, I've tried it, but it just isn't the same. Thanks, JJ

JJ also responds to the previous question "What is keijan spice and where can I buy it?" This is a Dutch word, they have no letter "Y" in their language, the "IJ" forms the "Y". So what is being looked for is Cayenne Spice. Similar to Moho (Mojo) :P JJ aka Konijn (rabbit, for all the salads I eat)

Thanks for the help with "keijan." I wonder if Schilling has changed the packaging or presentation of your old favorite. For example, maybe they use that spice blend with their "Bag 'n Season" line. I did a search for "pork seasoning" at the McCormick website and came up with quite a few entries. You might write to them and ask.


I have looked for arugula in several grocery stores and can never find any. Any suggestions on who may carry it. Thank you. AV

I usually find arugula packaged along with the other fresh herbs at the supermarket. Lately I have also seen large containers of it alongside the bags of prepared salad mixes. Perhaps you could as the produce manager at your favorite store to stock it for you. This is also a great time of year to find arugula at the farmer's market.


Where can I find pickling lime to use in making pickles. I have hunted everywhere in our town. Thanks J

Have you checked at your local hardware stores? I live in a rather rural area where the Ace Hardware and True Value Hardware both carry an exceptional variety of canning supplies.


I am looking for a store in Los Angeles to buy azafran (Zaffron ) Spanish condiment? ILC

I'm not sure if you are looking for what we call saffron or a sometimes common substitute safflowers. You should be able to find saffron in small vials in the spice aisle of a well stocked supermarket or gourmet food shop. Since it is so expensive, you might want to ask for it, they may keep it locked away. Safflowers are often available in Latin food markets.


I live in Pittsburgh PA and would like to know where I can purchase Juniper Berries for a recipe. What type of store would I find them. HMV

You might find juniper berries at a major supermarket or natural foods store. But you are fortunate enough to have a Penzey's Spices retail store in Pittsburgh so I'd go there just for the fun of it! Their address is: 5875 Forbes Avenue.


Hi: I live in Buffalo NY and would like to know where I can get a bay tree. I've tried all the nurseries here. SRC

If you want to try mail order, you can get smaller plants from Territorial Seeds or Mountain Valley Growers. If you're looking for something larger, perhaps one of the nurseries in your area could special order for you.


I would like to find out the name for sage in Indian language. Thanks PC

Our friend Gernot Katzer lists several Indian names for sage on his Spice Pages.


Hi, I want to know where I can buy spices plants like bay leave, nutmeg, peppercorn, cinnamon, sweet clover, etc. Thanks, G

Some of the spices that you mention, peppercorns, cinnamon and nutmeg, have very specific growing requirements that the average gardener cannot manage to create. You could check with your local garden center or nursery to purchase small bay trees and perhaps sweet clover.


I just need to buy about four Lippia graveolens (Mexican Oregano) plants or some of the seed. Haven't been able to locate in my area (Eastern Oklahoma). MG

This is a hard plant to find, I know. I just received my Mexican oregano plants from Herbfresh. They will ship healthy plants to you promptly.


Several years ago while in Tampa/St Pete, I went to one of the local grocery stores and purchased some type of spice blend made there in Florida. I know the container had a white background, but that's all I can recall (other than it was great!). One time I even saw it at Sam's/Costco. I want to say it had "captain" in the title, but I'm not sure. Don't think I'll know for sure till I see it again. Any way you can help? Many thanks! SJS

Sound familiar to any of you readers out there?


I'm looking for a recipe of a ginger drink which is NOT ginger beer. It's made fresh with other flavours = perhaps lemon juice. It is NOT a fizzy drink, but very strong and delicious with ice.. I had it last year in Calgary at a festival and would love to be able to make it. Any suggestions. Thanks, from a ginger junkie. KB

I surfed around a bit and most of the ginger drinks are fizzy, aren't they? Two nice beverage recipes are listed at the Ginger People's website. You could also try soaking some crystallized ginger in hot water and using that to make lemonade.


Where can I buy tumeric in Ireland, and is it better to grate the root or to use powder form? sd

I'm not sure what sort of shops or mail-order sources you have in Ireland but here in the United States we can usually only find turmeric in the powdered form. The best place to find that is through spice shops or Indian markets.


Do you have a source to buy turmeric plants (curcuma longa / curcuma dimestica ) in the US ?

I checked my favorite sources for live plants and didn't come up with any who sell turmeric plants. You might contact a local nursery that specializes in herbs and ask if they might order it for you.


I am trying to find fresh culantro, not cilantro, mail order, USA. D

Culantro (aka recao) seems to be an up and coming herb but the suppliers haven't caught up yet. You could grow your own with seeds and advice from Caribbean Seeds.


Where can I find information on adobo, a spanish spice, for a paper I am writing. S

Adobo is more of a sauce than a spice. I suggest you do a Google search or look in the indexes of Mexican cookbooks to find more information about it.


In one of your Q. & A.s, some asked where they could find tomato powder in Toronto (Ontario). They gave 2 sites and when I followed the links the response was "sorry- no tomato powder" or something like that. So I am going to try again. Where in Toronto can I buy tomato powder? Please research this well as I will starve without my tomato powder. Thanks muchly, M

I checked those links and Penderys does still have "powdered tomato" in several sizes. Could it be they don't ship to Canada? gourmet foods also has tomato powder from a third party but when I searched it wasn't listed.


I am in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, my sister who lives in Chicago has asked me to find blackened seasoning for her. I have not been able to find any in the commercial food stores in the Ft. Lauderdale area. Can anyone give me a suggestion of where to look. A

Most blends for blackened recipes are marketed under the name Cajun Spices or Creole Seasoning and are widely available in the spice aisles at supermarkets.


I am trying to find a place that I can purchase Orlando vanilla. I love it!! I brought some back from Mexico and have not been able to find it anywhere here in the states. I would love to order it from wherever I can find it. Thanks for your help. BW

Gee, I am going to have to try this stuff. People seem to be going crazy for it. Looks like I'll have to take a trip to Mexico, however. Our friends at offer this information: "The only brand of pure vanilla extract in Mexico that I recommend is made by Orlando Gaya Hijos in Gutierrez Zamora, Vera Cruz and it usually can be only found in the Vera Cruz region. If you want safe, good quality pure Mexican vanilla extract, buy it in this country. And if you want synthetics, buy them here too. It's the same price as you'd pay in Mexico but American synthetics aren't adulterated with dangerous additives. I carry pure vanilla extracts made with Mexican beans that come from the state of Vera Cruz. Quality-control is better here and the products I sell are guaranteed to be excellent."

UPDATE: Orlando vanilla is now available through the Vera Cruz Vanilla website or by writing to



I live in Orlando, Florida and have been searching for places to buy larger quantities of fresh mint leaves (maybe a couple gallon-size bags) at a time. I’ve tried supermarkets and restaurants with little success – I’ve only been able to find bags that contain a few stalks. Any suggestions? Thanks, A

I'd love to know what you are up to! You could ask markets or restaurants that do carry it if they could special order a large quantity for you. You might also check your local yellow pages for a produce company that supplies restaurants--they might be willing to arrange something for you as a cash and carry purchase. One other idea is to contact Earthy Delights, they sell 4 ounce bags for $5.75 but might arrange a quantity purchase for you.


Hi; My girlfriend loves McCormick Salt Free Herb & Onion but has ran out, it appears that McCormick no longer carries it is there any other source a person might find this product? Already tried ebay. Thanks, RM

I looked around at their website and didn't find any references to this product. Perhaps you could write to them and ask if they have replaced it with something similar.


Hi! I was on holiday in Belize, and bought with me some Red Recardo. I don't have much left and would like to get some more. Also some Black Recardo. Do you know any place where I can buy this?? HF

I didn't have any luck finding information about "recardo" but I wonder if you mean "recao?" Recao, also known as "culantro" (different from cilantro) is common to the Latin American kitchen. If you think this might be the same thing, you could ask at your local Latin market or do an online search for either name (recao or culantro). Thanks for reminding me about recao, by the way. I came across the term in a New York Times article a while back and made a note of it but never did look into it. See Newsflash item on the more tips page for an update on this answer!


Where can I purchase Schilling's Fish and Chicken spice blend? I live in Newport News, Va.  Thank you---B

Most supermarkets carry Schilling products so if you don't see it on the shelf, perhaps you could request that they stock it for you.


I have been looking for a store or company that sells poppy seed oil. I picked up a bottle of Waldviertler Graumohnol (fein, mild) poppy seed oil while in Germany and have been looking for it in the Toronto area with no luck. Any idea of a place it can be found in Canada or the US? L

The only place I could find it for sale was at Mr. but that is a product for painting. If you want it for cooking, perhaps your local health food store could find a source.


Hi! do you have Japanese spice names available? thanks! R

 You will find the Japanese spice names on the "Another Multi-lingual Herb and Spice Index" page.


I've been looking for a dry mix of sour cream that you just added liquid to. I thought it was made by Shillings but It could have been McCormick's. It has been at least 10 years since I've seen it. It has been wondering if you could tell who made it for sure or if they still make it.

Hard to tell what this dry mix might have been. Schilling and McCormick are the same company, just depends on what part of the country their products are for sale. Maybe you could find the product you are looking for at their website.


Hello, I live in Alexandria, Virginia and I would like to know is there anywhere that I can purchase Alum in any kind of form? I've searched the supermarkets here and some of the drug stores but I cannot find it. CBL

I came across one idea when I Googled "buy alum:" some stores that carry aquarium supplies sell alum for some reason. Be sure to see the other entries on this page for a bit more on the subject of alum and food.


I would like to purchase Lavender Sugar ready to use . Where can I find it ? Thanks, NA

I did a quick search and came up with the Purple Haze Lavender store in Washington state. You might also check for other lavender farms in your own area.


Where can I find vanilla beans?  K

Some well-stocked supermarkets will carry vials of vanilla beans alongside the other spices. Spice shops or gourmet food stores will usually have them in stock. If you can't find them locally, check out the sources listed at the Buying Dried Herbs and Spices page.


I am trying to buy a cardamom plant to be grown inside? Any idea where I could get one? C

One source I found in a quick search was Mulberry Creek Farms. If you would rather not buy online you might want to call around to different nurseries in your area and see if they can order a plant for you.


I need to know where I can buy green jalapeno jelly in Florida. Recently from Michigan, I can get it anywhere there - but nothing but red to be found here in Florida (at a grocery store anyway -- I don't want to order online and spend 5 or 6 time the amount I've paid in the past). Is this anything anyone might be able to help me with? Thank you, Kim in Florida

I open your question up to your fellow Floridians. You might also want to check into Latino markets or specialty gift shops.


I live in the Los Angeles - Pasadena California area. Does anyone know where I can buy Sazon Goya Con Azafran?? BL

I open this question to other readers in your area. You might also visit Goya's website to see if they can direct you to a local source.


Where can I find Schilling's stew seasoning? LB

Look for it with the other spices or around the prepared gravies and gravy mixes at most major supermarkets.


Hello. I was searching for information about camelina seeds, but could not find an article about it. Could you please, write about it? Where it is planted and where it can be bought? Best regards, KM

Hmmm, camelina, I've never heard of that. I did find plenty of information about it when I did a Google search. Camelina sativa, sometimes known as false flax, is currently being studied as a plant-based oil. I'm not sure it is generally recommended as safe yet so you might want to surf around a bit yourself and see what you come up with. I used "Camelina seeds" in Google.


Can we get caraway plants in Wisconsin? Does it come in seed form? where would we look to find them? Please let us know. Thank you, DJ

You might be able to find caraway plants at a specialty herb nursery but, more likely, you will need to start from seeds. If you can't find them stocked with other herb seeds at your local garden center, I know you can order them from Johnny's Seeds or Territorial.


I'm looking for Beau Monde Spice? Thanks. RL

This question and answer is from the "What's This" page: What does the spice mixture "Beau Monde" contain? I have a recipe that calls for it, but I do not find it at the grocery. Beau Monde is a popular, yet oddly elusive, seasoning blend. I've seen it recently in a Schilling/McCormick bottle at the supermarket but I also found this knock-off recipe at this site. If other readers have a better source for the real thing or a better recipe, please let us know.


I trying to see if anyone has heard of 'sarandipidi salt.' I dont know if im spelling it right or not. ST

I found Serendipity Salt at this site.


Hi, I am looking for a substance called candy quick (I think that is how it is spelled) for a friend. From what she said it was a white coating on a snack mix that someone brought to a get-together. She said it tasted like white chocolate but in a powder form it was not melted. I guess it resembled powdered sugar. Can you help me??? CAT

I am familiar with something like this that comes in wafer form. It is easy to melt and make candies from but I've never seen it in powdered form. You might check with the staff of your local hobby/crafts store or a gourmet shop that specializes in candy-making.


I would be grateful if you could advise where I can buy alum powder in Toronto. In the drug stores, what is labeled "Alum Powder" is not powder but granulated like salt or sugar. Alum powder is the best thing I have found for shaving cuts - and the granulated kind does not work nearly as well. The small container of it that I had for years finally ran out. Thank you. RT

Perhaps you could check with local companies that specialize in supplies for home canning.


We are trying to locate Czarnushka (Russian Caraway Seeds). Are you familiar with them? If not, do you have any suggestions where we might locate them? This caraway is a more round, black caraway seed. I believe I have located some from another company. If this product is the correct one, I have been informed it is also called Nigella Seed. J

I came up with another name for this that should lead you to an online source: kala jeera. I also did a search on Russian caraway and came up with a few more places that have it. If you have Indian or Middle Eastern food shops in your area, you might also check with them, calling it nigella. (See below for more information.)


While googling for a wholesale source of kala jeera, I caught your answer to someone's quest for Russian caraway seeds, which they thought were nigella seeds. Nigella is not kala jeera - kala jeera is black cumin; caraway seeds are often mislabeled as black cumin.

~Chili Bill

I stand corrected and will place this entry near the older one. For more about black cumin, please see the recently updated "All About Cumin" article.


Where can I find sweet potato plants in Baton Rouge, LA? BR

I've seen small sweet potato plants at a local independent garden center and also at Home Depot. You might call around to your favorite places like these to see if they have the plants now or expect them soon.


Alert reader ZEN offers follow-up answers to previously asked questions:  Thanks!

For kaffir lime leaves, try which definitely has them and I think has them also. is another one I've ordered from but not for lime leaves. Interesting note, you can now order from Pacific Rim Gourmet through Amazon in the gourmet foods section.

I've got an attractive shiso bush in my yard that I got for free. I had bought some cut shiso packaged in an Asian grocery with the stems still attached. I ate most of the package but put five of the strongest looking stems/pieces in water in a glass to see what would happen. They all rooted initially but only one was strong enough to make it. I planted this in my garden (zone 9) and have been happily eating and drying an abundance of shiso leaves as well as mailing packages of dried leaves to friends.

See original questions at the Where Can I Find... Q&A (lime leaves) and the What's This Q&A (perilla).


Please advise me where I can purchase Morton Chile Seasoning Powder. Thank you OS

Maybe you mean Morton Hot Salt? If that is the same, you should be able to find it at most supermarkets but if you can't, I found it for sale on the Morton Salt website.


OS asked about Morton's Chili Seasoning Powder, may be she meant Morton's Chili Blend which can be found at YLP

Thanks for the tip.  I will pass this on to OS and will post it near the older entry on the Where Can I Find Q&A Page for clarification.


Hi, I live in St Catharine’s Ontario. I have been trying to find celery pepper for some time now. The one store that used to carry it is no longer in business, and while I did locate some a while ago I am now down to my last bottle and was wondering if it was discontinued or sold in specialty stores in our area . Thanks JG

Celery pepper is a combination I hadn't heard of until your note so I can't point you in the right direction. Depending on other ingredients besides celery seed and pepper, perhaps you could make up your own. Seems to me it would be alot like making flavored salts so take a look at the article "All About Flavored Salts."


I live in Boston, MA - do you know where can I buy fresh Epazote? MC

You could start your search by calling any Latino markets or restaurants in your area. If they don't stock it, they might be able to get it for you or send to another shop in the area who does have it. Frankly, I have never even seen fresh epazote--only the dried leaves marketed as an herb. I do intend to order some seeds from Seeds of Change to grow it myself this summer.


Hello! I am looking to purchase ALUM in big quantities to make syrup and pickled veggies. Can you help me find it please?  I live in Montreal, it would be nice to find someone local. Thank you

You might want to reconsider using alum in your homemade goods. It seems to be an ingredient that is seldom used anymore, therefore hard to find. I found this explanation at "Alum was once used as an ingredient to firm pickles - it usually crops up in Granny's old recipes, when the quality of vinegar wasn't great! It is no longer necessary these days, but if used, use no more than 1/4 tsp alum per 1.2 litres (quart) of pickling solution. Too much gives a bitter flavour, and could cause stomach upset." I also came across this tidbit from the Salt Lake (City) Tribune online: "Alum, a highly astringent crystal containing potassium aluminum sulfate, is not needed in this recipe, which has been updated to include a water-bath canning method. Alum was used years ago as a crisping agent for canning pickles. It can cause digestive distress and food experts of today say modern canning methods make its use unnecessary. -- Maxine Garwood."


I live on the west side of Toronto, Ontario and am wondering where I can buy Annatto seeds? I’d prefer a 1-lb package versus a few ounces. Thanks L

The only two sources that I know of for annatto seeds are Pendery's and Penzey's but they are both US companies that are a little vague about shipping charges to Canada. Although I have been pleased with the products from both companies, and their pricing is similar, Pendery's had quite a few interesting annatto products as well as seeds.  I'm curious, would you care to let us in on what you are doing with them?


Trying to find a source for black caraway seeds used in Russian rye bread. any ideas??

The seed nigella is often called black caraway or black cumin. Nigella is an Indian and Middle Eastern ingredient so you are likely to find it at markets specializing in those cuisines. Most rye bread recipes use caraway seeds; these are readily available at the supermarket.


Hello. I have been looking to buy Poppy Seed oil for cooking and I'm not able to find it any were. Would you know were on the web that I can found it. I would like to get about 1 gal. of the oil... I live in the U.S.A thanks R

I have never seen poppy seed oil on the market.  A quick search revealed to me that it is out there. Try doing a Google search for "poppy oil." Do keep in mind that artists also use it for painting so be sure you get a culinary grade oil if you decide to order.


I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Where can I purchase McCormick's Herb Province seasoning? DM

Most major supermarkets carry the McCormick seasoning line. The blends are sometimes displayed separately from the basic herbs and spices. The product you are looking for might be labeled as "Herbes de Provence."


Please help. I am trying to find kafir lime leaves to marinate some chicken. What can I do? M

Check with your local Asian foods market--they may have them available fresh (or be able to get them for you). My Thai cookbook says this hard to find ingredient is also sold dried or frozen but none of my regular sources offer this. You might even be able to request that your favorite local supermarket produce buyer order them in special for you.


I am looking to buy young plants or seeds of Mexican Oregano ( Lippa Graveolens ). Do you have these or can you direct me to someone who does. Thank you, H

These seeds were harder to locate than I expected but I did find a source at In his book Mexico: One Plate at a Time, Rick Bayless also suggests Johnny's Seeds  as another source for Mexican Oregano but I didn't find it listed in my catalog. You might write to them and ask about it.


I have a recipe for split Pea Soup that calls for Sazon without the ingredient Annatto. I can only find Sazon by Goya that says it has coriander and annatto. Where can I buy the kind without? What would it do if I have to use a packet of this one that I have? Thank you for your help! gbc

I was not familiar with Sazon until your letter sent me on a search. I located a source for the South American seasoning mix here. Since the first ingredient in this commercial mix is the flavor enhancer MSG, I kept looking for something a little more natural. That's when I found this recipe that you can make at home. It is a chopped mix of onions, garlic, peppers and seasonings that sounds like it would add more flavor to your soup than the dry mix. I think your soup would still be quite good with the addition of the annatto. Read more about this spice at "All About Annatto."


Great site!! Do you know of a source (either mail order or Internet) where I could purchase poppy seeds in quantity? I want to try a recipe for bread that was my grandfather's and it calls for a pound of poppy seeds. My local grocery store sells 2 ounce jars of poppy seeds, but I'm looking for a source that is a little more economical. Thank you!

I just opened a wonderful bag of Holland Poppy Seeds from Penzeys.  Their price for a pound is $5.90. Depending on where you live, you might also check into Atlantic Spice (Eastern US) or San Francisco Herb (Western US).  These sister companies seem to have better prices.  Any chance you would share your grandfather's bread recipe with us at the Reader Recipe Exchange?


I have a recipe that calls for summer savory, but am unable to find it in any of my local grocery stores. Is there any type of substitute? Glenn H

You may be able to find dried savory in the spice aisle at the supermarket or at a health food store. You might also look for a plant at your local garden center. I just picked one up and I love it. Since you don't say just what the recipe is, I'm not sure what to suggest as a substitute but you might try just a bit of mint and some black pepper or just go to a new herb all together. Maybe something like oregano, arugula, sage or dill.  Check out Basic Guidelines for Seasoning with Herbs and Spices to match up the ingredients in your recipe.


Hi. I'm experimenting with a new recipe and it calls for tomato powder. I've never heard of this or seen it (not that I've ever looked for it before!), so could you tell me what this is and where I might find it. Thank you so much!! CV

Tomato powder is dried tomatoes, as you probably suspected, that can be used for flavoring pastas, breads or anywhere you would like a nice deep red color or the flavor of tomatoes without introducing extra liquid. I've used it in the past for making spice blends for camping. It can be difficult to find but it is available from Pendery's and the Baker's Catalog.


I'm interested in finding herbs in Louisiana that grow wild. I see a lot of them growing in the woods and fields around our home, but I'm unsure about what I may or may not be looking at. Do you have any suggestions for me? Is anyone else interested in finding wild herbs in Louisiana? Thanks, Jan

 I haven't done any foraging for wild herbs myself but you might do a search at the Louisiana State Agriculture Center website. You could also contact your local chapter of the Herb Society for help here as well. If anyone is interested in contacting Jan for hunting wild herbs, please write to this site and we will forward your message on to her.


I am looking for a spice, It is called Pinch. It is from a deli in New York. Can you please help me find this one item. I used to have a large amount from an old friend but have since lost contact with them and if you could help me find a direct link or a place in Houston TX that carries it I would be so happy.

Sounds like "Pinch" might be a proprietary blend. These are seasoning combinations developed by spice companies.  Pinch maybe have been developed just for the deli in New York or by their supplier.  Your best bet would be to contact the deli and ask for more information. They may be willing to send you some or point you in the direction of a company who will.


I have read your article on Celery seeds with interest, I have been looking out to buy some but despite searching the supermarket shelves in UK and some abroad I cannot find any retail outlet for them. Can you advise a supplier in the UK?? kind regards Richard

Sorry you are having such a difficult time finding a basic spice. You might check The Spice of Life as a UK mail order source.


I just discovered your web site and hoping that you might be able to shed some light on a particular recipe request.  In Montreal, Canada, I discovered something the locals call "Montreal Smoked Meat". It was spectacular!  Unfortunately, it cannot be found in the US.. at least not so far!  Are you familiar with the way in which this beef brisket is prepared and cured?  Can you point me in ANY direction? I have uncovered that the original recipes were brought over from Romania.  Many thanks! Robin S

Your question introduced me to a whole new cult food!  Apparently similar to Pastrami only much better, this Montreal Smoked Meat has a dedicated following.  You could have some delivered to you, Robin, from but they, and all the other Montreal establishments, guard the secret recipe.


What is keijan spice and where can I buy it? BR

Perhaps you refer to "Cajun" spices?  If so, this is a spicy blend of peppers, paprika, thyme and other seasonings often used in Louisiana cooking.  Look for it among the other seasoning blends on market shelves and mail-order companies labeled Cajun Seasoning or sometimes Creole Seasoning.  Some blends are much hotter than others.  I like to get the salt-free blends so that I can control the saltiness on my own.


I was wondering if there might be a recipe for garlic herb dip mix, made from dried herbs and spices. I buy them bagged at fairs and craft shows, and would like to make my own when I can't find any. Any suggestions???? Thank you. Suzy

I don't have a specific recipe for this type of herb mix although I will keep my eyes open for one.  Meanwhile, you might want to try making the blend by combining the dry ingredients from your favorite dip recipe.  Using my recipe for Dill Dip (which would probably be good with garlic added) as an example, here's how I would go about it.

First, the recipe: 1 cup sour cream, 1 Tablespoon minced chives, 1 Tablespoon prepared horseradish, 2 Tablespoons fresh dill, 1/2 teaspoon salt and black pepper to taste.

For the spice blend I would combine 1/4 cup freeze-dried chives, 4 teaspoons horseradish powder (available through most mail-order spice sources), 2 Tablespoons dried dill, 2 teaspoons salt and plenty of black pepper.  This would make the spices for preparing the Dill Dip recipe four times.  To use, I would stir about 2 Tablespoons of the mix into one cup of sour cream.

Please experiment with this idea and submit your final findings to the Reader Recipe Exchange!


Where can I buy "Spike" - it is made from sea salt and other herbs but I haven't been able to find it in a store.  It is part of a recipe for baby back ribs. Thanks, DM

You may find this seasoning blend on the supermarket shelves along with the other herbs and spices.  If not, most every natural foods or health food store will have it in stock.


Can you tell me the names of any clubs/groups in the Buffalo,NY area that are for people with interest in growing herbs? Thanks

Check into the American Herb Society website for their chapter nearest you.


This is my first time on the site and I already love it! I am looking for a book that contains all culinary herbs and their uses as well as growing instructions or advice. Do you know of a book in particular? I have seen the posters with the culinary herbs, but I would like to have something a little more extensive. THANK YOU!!!

Glad you like the site. Check out our recommended book list. You might find one of the two encyclopedias just the book you are looking for.


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